TLPT is grateful that we are able to continue to meet the needs of our patients and humbled by their trust in us to provide their care. We are proud of the response and leadership shown at the federal, state, and local level in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Arkansas Department of Health considers physical therapy to be an essential service to meet the needs of patients. We continue to carefully implement all recommended precautions to protect both our patients and staff, including temperature checks upon entry, wearing of masks, one-way hallways, social distancing/appointment spacing, sanitizing stations, as well as cleaning/disinfecting equipment and rooms throughout the day. We do ask all patients to wear a mask while in the clinic for the consideration of other patients, but you are not required to wait in the parking lot until your appointment time. With social distancing in effect, we are able to keep all patients spread out enough that you can just come straight in. We hope our community of providers and patients understands how thankful we are for the trust you have placed in us as we continue to be able to serve.

At Tri-Lakes PT, our staff is committed to ensure that our patients have the best physical therapy experience they can get.  We understand every patient is different, with a unique set of problems and complications.  Our therapists establish a treatment plan based on
your needs.   We offer a wide range of scheduling options for those who have busy work schedules.  If you are looking for a physical therapist in Hot Springs, we offer a wide variety of treatment options and would appreciate the opportunity to be your therapy provider.

Did you know that, as a patient, it is your choice where you go for therapy? 
Due to recent federal and local healthcare changes, this patient right is becoming one that is frequently overlooked.   If you think our facility is a place you would feel at home, give us a call or drop by for a tour!

  If you are curious whether physical therapy can help you, visit our symptom search page and see if you are currently experiencing some of the problems we can address.  Then, take a look at the services we offer.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Take a moment to see what our patients have to say about us in our testimonials section.

If you are curious about what is going on in the world of Physical Therapy, take a look around the American Physical Therapy Association website.  They keep an eye on all things PT, helping keep us informed on things like government healthcare and the impact it will have on our profession. 


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